Editing Trailers with Marcos Azevedo

Editor Marcos Azevedo

Editor Marcos Azevedo

This Spring, Professor Greer’s Advanced-Post class hosted a guest lecture via Skype with L.A.-based film editor Marcos Azevedo.

Mr. Azevedo co-owns the company Tatuí Filmes, which produces feature film trailers and TV promos for the South American film market. He discussed his career path and answered students’ questions about the aesthetics and business of editing feature film trailers.

Using the advice garnered from their conversation with Mr. Azevedo, the students then worked to create feature film trailers of their own. Below are two examples of the spec trailers created via this project for the 1950’s-era noir film, D.O.A.

30_for_30_Volume_I_logoMr. Azevedo, who recently completed a documentary film for ESPN’s award-winning 30 for 30 series, also explained the differences between editing feature length films, TV commercials and trailers, which each have their own style and demands.

You can see samples of Mr. Azevedo’s own editing work below.

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