Dr. Dougherty’s Research in Denmark

This Spring, FDM Assistant Professor Dr. Meghan Dougherty will spend a research leave as a visiting scholar at Aarhus University in Denmark.

Dr. Meghan Dougherty

Dr. Meghan Dougherty

Her research project, Virtual Digs, will be hosted by Netlab, part of the Danish Digital Humanities Lab. She’ll be collecting data for her upcoming book on Web archaeology and digital history, which articulates the need for finding, preserving and analyzing the remains of websites and online communities gone by, identifies the people most involved in digital preservation, and offers possible solutions for the stewardship of Web cultural heritage.

While in Denmark, she’ll give talks on her research at the Center for Internet Research at Aarhus University’s Department of Aesthetics and Communication, and co-chair a Ph.D. seminar “Web Archiving and the Archived Web: A new research method, a new object of study?”


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