SIMLab Launched

SIMLab2The School of Communication was delighted to officially launch the SIMLab in February 2014!

The Social & Interactive Media Lab (SIMLab) is an interdisciplinary research environment at Loyola’s School of Communication devoted to the in-depth study of social phenomena at the intersection of society and technology. The Lab provides the space and resources for faculty and advanced students to work on collaborative projects. The SIMLab conducts social scientific research in communication, with major thematic areas including social media, advertising, journalism, games, and social justice in a digital era.

Below you can watch the SOC student news coverage of the SIMLab opening (start at the 15:40 mark), featuring the FDM-sponsored Q&A session between guest Dr. Andre Brock and SOC faculty Dr. Florence Chee.

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Twitter: @SIMLabChicago

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