Guest Filmmakers Join Doc Genre Class

The Spring COMM 324-Contemporary Documentaries class is being co-taught by documentary filmmaker Steve James. Best known for his 1994 film Hoop Dreams, James has also directed several other films including Stevie and The Interrupters.

Steve James

Steve James

Throughout the semester the class will be joined by guest filmmakers for Q&A sessions and discussion. Guests include:

Stacey Peralta, Dogtown and Z-Boys

Adam Singer, Hoop Dreams, Stevie, Made

Louis Pepe and Keith Fulton, Lost in La Mancha

Andrew Grace, Eating Alabama

Kevin Lee, Transformers: The Premake

Jehane Noujaim, Control Room, The Square

Alex Gibney, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

Lucy Walker, Devils Playground, Blindsight, Wasteland

Loyola staff and students are invited to join the class each Monday at 4:15pm to sit in on the discussion with guests. The class meets most days in Corboy 008.

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