Jarrad Quadir (Class of 2012) Editor

Jarrad Quadir (2012) is currently an assistant editor at Utopic, a post-production house in Chicago. Utopic mainly works with various ad agencies in the city (Leo Burnett, InVnt, CK, etc). “It’s an amazing job, I wish I could’ve gotten right out of school, but it took a couple of years to get here,” said Jarrad. “I had various odd jobs including working as a freelance videographer/ editor at companies like EXACT Sports and Homefinder.”


jarrad quadir

Jarrad Quadir

One of the things Jarrad loves about working at Utopic is that the company size is rather small. “Utopic being a smaller company (16 people), I get to actually edit and do motion graphics, My first spot went to air back in June, and since then I’ve gotten to do a lot more.”

Another great thing about working at Utopic is the amount of side projects the employees have going on Jarrad explained. “One of my editor’s, Craig Lewandowski, and I just did the 48 hour film festival with a group of agency people. Although we didn’t win best picture, we did win best editing.”

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