Stephanie Jaslowski (Class of 2013) Production Coordinator


Stephanie Jaslowski

Upon graduating from Loyola University Chicago, Stephanie Jaslowski (2013) decided to pursue her masters in Cinema Production at DePaul University. She is currently in her third year and will be graduating in June. Just last semester, Stephanie was accepted into the LA Quarter which allows students to work and live in Los Angeles. Stephanie interned for two production companies as a development intern where she read and covered original pilots, films, and books.

Production Craft

Production Craft

Currently, Stephanie is back in Chicago working as a full time Production Coordinator at Production Craft, Inc. “I plan and schedule our crew and equipment on a variety of shoots. Basically, it’s my job to make sure all of the loose ends are tied and everyone knows where and when they need to be! A little busy at times, but I am really enjoying it!”

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