Alumni Make Feature Film

A group of Film alumni have joined together to make an exciting feature film, Ginger.

Alumni Melissa Beck-Boratyn (2010) and Jimmy Boratyn (2011) are co-directing the dark comedy based on Melissa’s true story of being diagnosed with breast cancer at only 23 years old.


Co-Directors Melissa Beck-Boratyn and Jimmy Boratyn

Melissa, a two-time breast cancer survivor, drew from her experiences with chemotherapy, radiation, and a double mastectomy when writing the film with co-writer Ryan Grundtisch. The Loyola Phoenix’s Madeline Kenney wrote an article, Too Young for Cancer, in the Loyola Phoenix about their story.

Eager to give back to the fight against breast cancer, they have teamed up with non-profit organizations like K.O. Breast Cancer to use the film to raise money and awareness for the fight against breast cancer.

The other members of the Loyola community working on this project include Professor Jeff Harder, long-time School of Communication faculty member, who will be the director of photography, and Justin Howe (class of 2014), who will be camera operator.


Cinematographer Professor Jeff Harder

They are scheduled to begin filming in June and currently fundraising for their film via  indiegogo campaign. They are also hosting a night of all women improv at the iO theater as a fundraising event for the film. Donations will go directly to funding locations, permits, transportation, food, props, post-production costs, and actors.

12573835_220847031585581_1158097527920529308_nThey have set forth a big picture goal to make cancer suck a little less and are excited by the support they’ve received so far from the community.

More information on the project can be learned on their fundraising page or on their Facebook page. They have also produced an informational video about the project, which can be seen below.

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