Chicago’s Film/TV Boom Continues

Are you a fan of the hit TV show Empire? What about Shameless, Chicago Fire or Sense8? Did you marvel at the spectacles of the Hollywood blockbusters like Man of Steel or Divergent, and rejoice in the sweetness of the film Southside with You? Know what those all have in common? CHICAGO.

That’s right, it’s been another banner year for film and TV production in Chicago. DNA Chicago reports that $1.3 Billion in film/tv production business over the last five year period breaks a five year record for the city, with each year showing more growth then the next. And with the addition of four new TV shows filming regularly in Chicago, including Amazon’s Patriot and Fox’s Exorcist, the upward growth trend is projected to continue.


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announces record numbers, flanked by NBC’s Dick  Wolf and others from the Chicago film/TV industry

The renaissance in Chicago’s production community has meant more jobs, internships, and learning opportunities for Chicago-area film students. The mayor’s office reports that that thousands of Chicago residents are now employed in the industry. What a great time to study, create, work and live film in Chicago.

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