Students Film in Chile

The School of Communication offers a 3-week study abroad program to South America every May. During last year’s trip, led by Film and Digital Media instructor, Professor John Goheen, students spent traveled to Santiago, Chile shooting and producing  documentary stories throughout the city. The subjects of their films ranged from the work of Santiago’s all-volunteer firefighters to a look at the impact of indigenous cuisine in Chile.


Besides Santiago’s rich culture, friendly people and safe environment, it was chosen due to the relationship Loyola has with Alberto Hurtado University, a Jesuit university located in the heart of the city. The two schools have a long history of working together and students from Alberto Hurtado teamed up with Loyola students for the two weeks to collaborate on their various video documentaries.

The course will be offered again next in May, 2017 and students interested in attending the Digital Storytelling course can apply and find more information on Loyola’s study abroad website.

You can see the work produced by last year’s students in full here:


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