Bea Cabrera (2017) – Video Portraitist


Bea Cabrera (right) at Recovery Cafe

Following graduation in the Spring of 2017, Bea moved to Seattle to start a year of work as a Jesuit Volunteer at Recovery Cafe, where she serves as the Special Projects Coordinator.

Recovery Cafe is an addiction recovery center that offers programs and resources for people in recovery from drug/substance abuse, mental illness, and disabilities, as well as people experiencing homelessness.
At the Cafe, Bea is in charge of a video project called the “StoryCatcher,” through the School of Life Project, using video and photography to capture the many inspiring and moving stories that Cafe members have in overcoming their struggles.
Bea has described her work at Recovery Cafe as a great opportunity for her to start a series of video portraits of people who are largely marginalized, with stories that are often untold.

Portrait of Chris, Recovery Cafe member, by Bea Cabrera

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