Pat Davet (2016) – Assistant Editor

patDavetPat Davet graduated Loyola in 2016, with a dual-degree in Film & Digital Media Production and Advertising. During his time at Loyola, Pat dedicated his time to the film program – developing events like the 400 Scare Fest, a free film festival for a local theater. Pat also worked with the SimLab to create his study on religion in video games “Digital Paladins.”

After moving to Los Angeles, Pat began working as a Production Assistant for AV Squad, a creative advertising agency that works in film and television marketing.a_v Following a brief stint as a PA, Pat began working full-time as a Theatrical Assistant Editor for AV. As an Assistant Editor, he handles films from clients such as Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., A24, and others.

From voice-over work to daily media management, Pat and the other Assistants help creatives and producers at AV handle materials that are used to make film trailers and TV spots. All that work helps the Editors to create incredible spots like the one below.

When Pat isn’t working on trailers, he’s writing short stories about science fiction or his time spent working in a pawn shop.

If you’d like to get to know Pat or learn more about film advertising, contact him through his website or follow him on social media @georgespatricks.

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