FDM Kenya

During the Summer of 2016, faculty from Loyola University Chicago are partnering with Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Tangaza College and St. Aloysius Gongaza Secondary School to teach a filmmaking workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. The workshop will give a group of young media makers from Nairobi experience in working as part of a production team, producing short films that reflects their experience, ideas and perspectives on social justice issues.




Njeri Mbure

The workshop is being lead by LUC’s Film and Digital Media Program director, Aaron Greer, and with instructional support from Njeri Mbure from Tangaza College and Jamason Chen of LUC’s School of Communication.



Aaron Greer

The CUEA Filmmaking Workshop covers story development, basic videography and editing, and culminates with a community screening of four short films created by student during the course.


Resources for Workshop Students: