Chicago is the 3rd largest media market, with scores of employers in film, TV, advertising, and digital media. Here are some resources for finding jobs and internships:


  • The School of Communication’s database of jobs/internships.
  • Loyola’s Career Center database (Ramblerlink) of jobs/internships.
  • website for job postings in film/video production; primarily short-term, freelance gigs.
  • has listings of jobs, short and long-term, in film/TV production, as well as contact information for production companies.
  • website for job and internships postings in film, animation, TV, advertising, and digital media .
  • MediaMatch website for posting in film/TV production; including administrative work, freelance and commission-based gigs.
  • ProductionHub website for production crew, freelance, and internship postings.
  • comprehensive guide to independent film/tv production resources, with both production job and casting directories.
  • Craigslist – many independent production and small companies post job/internship listings in the Crew or TV/Film/Video sections.

Check out Compass to read more about FDM and School of Communication alumni in action or see brief updates on this site’s Alumni Updates page.

NEXFS700_2-1The School of Communication boasts a wide range of professional, film and media production equipment, with an enviable 4:1 ratio of students to camera in our production courses. Here is a link to our Camera, Sound and Lighting Equipment..

LUCine (Loyola’s Student Film Club) hosts screenings, workshops, a student-run film festival, casting calls and more.

Chicago has numerous, well respected film and video festivals. See a list of some of Chicago’s most well-known film and media festivals.


Here is a Virtual Tour of the School of Communication Convergence Studio, which hosts state of the art multi-camera (TV/Broadcast) production and switching facilities, a green screen, and more.

Digital Media Services: Loyola’s multi-campus, media lab, equipment loan and digital services. The DML is often used by our students as a satellite editing facility, but is a place where all Loyola students can access media equipment and software.

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